Powering the Supply Chain™

Idealliance, a global think tank, is a non-profit graphic communications industry organisation with 12 strategically located offices around the world. Idealliance serves brands, OEMs, service providers in print and packaging, content & media creators, fulfilment, mail delivery, creative agencies/teams, material suppliers, and innovators & developers worldwide. We do our work through ISO Standards Innovation, Print and Digital Workflows & Technologies Development & Integration, Technical Research & Industry Insights, Certification, Training, Brand & Facility Auditing Programs and serves as a Global Super Connector for brands, service providers, & OEMs throughout the world.  Our specifications have transformed the graphic communications industry by defining production workflows for colour (GRACoL®, SWOP®, XCMYK™, G7®, BrandQ®), content management (PRISM®), mail supply (Mail.dat®, Mail.XML™), and paper (papiNet®). Idealliance is the world’s foremost certifying body for competencies, systems, materials and facilities, and Idealliance, a Liaison ‘A’ to ISO TC130,  is one of the world’s largest contributors and developers of ISO standards.


G7 Master Qualification

Print service providers of all types know that a measurable, predictable, and uniform colour management process provides significant business advantages. For printers to make money, orders must be turned around quickly, they must be consistent and they must predictable. Whether the process is: offset, flexo, gravure, screen, wide format, digital (toner and inkjet), industrial inkjet, or dye-sublimation, G7 can do it!


G7 Expert Certification

G7® is Idealliance’s industry- leading set of specifications for achieving gray balance and is the driving force for achieving visual similarity across all print processes.  Idealliance certifies our industry’s most knowledgeable experts to qualify leading providers of print, creative, and prepress services in the G7 methodology.



BrandQ® is a unique program focused on the packaging supply chain, providing tools, measurements, methods, and language for facilitating effective communications between brands and suppliers. The BrandQ program was created by the packaging supply chain for the packaging supply chain. BrandQ training and certification programs are available for brand managers, packaging supply chain experts, and packaging supply chain facilities.


Colour Management Professional

A Certified Color Management Professional has proven proficiency in the principles and best practices associated with color management implementation in a graphic communications production environment. This online training is intended for digital press operators, offset press operators, pressroom supervisors, prepress supervisors and technicians, quality assurance managers, and printing equipment suppliers. CMP modules include;